"Please enter valid email address"

Symptom: When signing in or registering in the app, the error "Please enter valid email address" is displayed.


  • This is expected and will clear once you have composed completed a valid address.
  • Continue typing and enter your full email address and the message may go away.
  • If the message does NOT go away, check that you don't have hidden spaces, often at the beginning or at end, that can cause this message to display. A "cut & paste" can often casue whitespace to be included.

Vailidation details: 

The app validates email using the following:

  1. Begins with at least one letter or number, and optionally more letters and numbers
  2. One @ sign
  3. Two or more characters, a period and two or more characters at the end (e.g.
  4. No spaces are present, including the beginning and the end


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