How do I register my email address?

If in your in app Profile, you see an email in the format, and/or you have already made an in-app purchase, please read this article instead. 

This article may apply to you if:

  • You want to be able to sign into the website as well as sign in on the app
  • You don't have or don't know your password
  • You can't remember having registered on Swearnet before
  • You want to create an account under your email address before making a purchase

TIPS: You may find it easier to register on the website via a desktop or laptop computer (typing on a real keyboard, larger screen, etc.), but the app offers registration as well.

Editing the email in the Profile section within the app and/or using the Password section is not recommended unless you are signed in with your actual real email and password.


To register on the web: Visit and follow the instructions

- or -

To register in the app:  App is difficult, because you are already signed in, so you have to sign out. There is a small text "Sign out" near the bottom of the Settings screen. You'll need to click before sign in is offered. The Register form in the app is on the Sign in screen, you pick it as an option near the top of the screen. Click "Settings" and then "Sign In" and then "Register" to get to the form.


Once registered, you should first use your email to sign into the app, and then restore purchases so you can gain access to member content. Please see other articles for information on how to restore your purchases.  


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