I've paid for a subscription in the app, but am being asked to pay again

If you have purchased in-app, but don't have access to Swearnet content, it's likely that you need to restore your in-app purchases. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app and tap the Settings tab. Now tap the Purchase button (if you see it) and then tap the Restore Purchases button on the Membership page. If you are taken to the Digital Store screen and see a second Restore Purchases, click on that Restore Purchases button as well.

  2. On Apple, you should see a Purchases Restored message. On Android, a similar message will be displayed.

  3. Tap the Settings icon to verify your membership status is complete and correct.

Note: If you have a temporary email set in your profile please DO NOT try to edit it or reset your password as it could lead to more issues. We are working towards a fix for this.


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