Invalid login credentials. Please try again.

This article applies if:

  • You're attempting to sign in on the app
  • You see "Invalid login credentials. Please try again."

Pick the best case from the two cases below beased on your situation. You only need to complete one of them.

CASE A: You don't care about registering or your email and password do not work on the app or on the website: you don't want to use your own email or link the app to your account. You just want to use the app on it's own:

  1. In this case do not try to login.
  2. Tap the Settings icon, then tap the Purchase button and then tap the Restore Purchases button. If you are taken to the Digital Store screen and see a second Restore Purchases, click on that Restore Purchases button as well.
  3.  On Apple, you should see a Purchases Restored message. On Android, a similar message will be displayed.
  4. Do NOT attempt to change your email or reset your password in the app. For example, you may see a fake email or options to change password. Do not use these. 

CASE B: You WANT to use your own email: you have previously registered and you want to link the app and in-app purchases to that email

This case will only apply if:

  • You have previously registered your email and picked a password, or have recently reset your password, either on Swearnet or in the app
  • You have confirmed that your email and password combination is correct by signing in to the website  < this is important, please be sure to do this
  1. Sign-out of the app if not already (can be found at the bottom of the Settings screen)
  2. When you Sign In on the app, tap the eye icon to the right of the password field. This will allow you to see the characters as you type in your password.  
  3. Note that on some devices, the first letter of the password may be capitalized automatically, often causing this issue. Confirm the first letter is not automatically capitalizing.


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