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  • Avatar

    i need help accessing my swearnet everytime i try to play one of the shows it tell me to go fuck myself and pay well i have paid and i feel im being fucked over !!!!!

  • Avatar

    I have paid the yearly subscription but it's still telling me to subscribe what the fuck

  • Avatar
    Tyler Hill

    Been 9 days since I paid for a month and I still have no membership status or reply from customer support. Ridiculous

  • Avatar

    I cant even get the shows to play and I've paid twice already like Ricky would say this shits fuc]<#

  • Avatar
    Carrie A Ayotte

    Same fucking boat here guys says I purchased the membership December 27th, 2020 but was active from Sept. 25th, 1609 - Sept. 25th, 1610???? What kind of prick job is this boys?

  • Avatar
    Don Anzelmo

    Either you fix the app or you refund my money take your pick 1229 2020 I will turn it into Apple has a fraudulent charge this is ridiculous that you were doing absolutely nothing to fix it several complaints on this matter you have not made any contact with me or anyone else running out of patience quickly

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